{DIY} Planner Cover for the Happy Planner- A Tutorial

diy coverI was playing around with my planner the other day. I don’t have the arc punch that would make creating and adding pages to my planner super easy… but then I realized… I don’t NEED the punch!

Here are easy steps to making your OWN planner cover at HOME!

What you need:

  • Your cover (whether you print it from home, use a folder, etc.)
  • scissors
  • laminator (or contact paper)
  • hole punch

diy cover 1


Print your cover (I have a couple of already designed sets in the Etsy Shop). You might want to print on cardstock for thickness. The dimensions for the Happy Planner Cover are 7.75 inches by 9.75 inches


diy cover 2


Laminate your cover. I use the Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator, and LOVE IT!


diy cover 3


Cut out your cover. I rounded the edges on mine when I cut:

diy cover 4



diy cover 5


Take the cover or page off your Happy Planner and line it up with the edge of your new cover. Using a Sharpie or other pen, make marks on the BACK of your new cover for the punches.


diy cover 6Hole punch the marks you just made.


diy cover 7


Using your scissors, cut slits from the edge to the holes you just punched. You might need to make the slits a tiny bit wider than just one cut.


diy cover 8


Click your cover into place and you are ready to go!!!

Check out the already designed and sized planner covers from Ninja Mom Designs on Etsy:

Hipster Planner Covers

Bible Verse Covers

Happy Planning!



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