Fruitful CopyWork- A Full Year Of CopyWork through the Bible

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I am a homeschool mom of four kids. Much of what I design is inspired by my experiences in homeschooling. Last year, I implemented copywork into our regular homeschool schedule.

What is copywork?

“Copywork is copying a piece of well-written work, from any variety of sources, onto paper or into a notebook. The student copies from a written selection using his best penmanship to create a “perfect copy” that is properly spaced and includes all proper capitalization and punctuation marks.”

We use copywork to learn spelling, sentence structure, grammar, listening skills, and handwriting. In particular, we use Bible verses for our copywork. You can use any well-written work. Each week, my kids get a new verse to work on. The idea is by the end of the week, the passage is memorized- wording, spelling, punctuation, and all.

I’ve compiled our copywork selections from all of last school year. We focused on the fruit of the Spirit as laid out in Galatians 5 as well as other Biblical character traits. There are 12 character traits and 3 verses for each trait. That equals 36 weeks of copywork.

This latest listing includes 129 pages of materials- verse posters, character trait posters, books of the Bible poster, writing practing sheets (in print and cursive), blank handwriting paper as well as tips on how to use it all. heart-star-line-white

You can get a sample pack to preview for FREE here today! 

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