Newest Clip Art Listings from Ninja Mom Designs

new listing png

Ninja Mom has been BUSY! I’m linking most of these to the Teachers Pay Teachers… Simply because the LAST IMAGE is a FREEBIE found on TpT. However… most can be found in both shops.

stem clip art

Stem Challege Clip Art … great for making Project Worksheets, Challenge Cards, and More!

chore clip art

Make Chore Charts, Planner Stickers, Checklists and More with these cute Chore Clips!

fall washiFall Themed Washi Clip Art is great for throwing in accents to your images, cards, and paper!

frames coverI use this Versatile Set of Frames and Labels ALL. THE. TIME! It is one of my most used sets of clip art!

chalk frame cover

I love all things Chalkboard (except real chalkboards… they make me sneeze). Design labels and more with this cute set!


apple frames

This set of Apple Frame Clip Art is currently FREE in the Teachers Pay Teachers Shop!

Remember… You can find Ninja Mom Designs Projects on Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers!


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