A Few of My Favorite Pens

favorite pens

I have a serious addiction to office supplies… more specifically to pens. My husband knows that while I would appreciate flowers, pens are the way to my heart.

Not all pens are the same! If you know this, then you know what I am talking about! I wanted to share with you my favorite pens.


When I’m coloring, I love to use Gel Pens. I like the way they flow and fill the spaces. I like the way they shimmer and shine.

I have something similar to the LolliZ Gel Pens Tray Set. I’ve also heard great things about the Ink Joy Gel Pens.


When I am doodling on paper or in my notebook, I love my Paper Mate Flairs. They are felt tip and don’t bleed through the paper. They are the perfect thing if you want a pen that acts like a marker.


For my Bible Journaling, I had to find a good pen that wouldn’t bleed through the thin pages of the Bible. I started off just using colored pencils, but wanted a little more.

I primarily use Sakura Pigma Micron Ink pens– they are fine tip and archival ink. They do not bleed through the pages.

I also use Sharpie Pens. They are still fine tip, but not as fine as the Sakura. They also do not bleed.

I still use colored pencils in my Bible. My favorites are Crayola Twistables.


I’m a doodler. Often when I want to make my doodles more permanent, like on these handmade cards, I go for a good old Fine Point Sharpie. These do bleed through paper.


And then there’s my planner. It took some time. I used Flairs for a while, but then I was given the Staedtler Fine Tip Marker Pens. I love them. I can write small and in lots of colors. I can color code to my heart’s content. They do not bleed through paper and are great for some coloring as well.

What are your favorite pens to use????


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  1. Loved this post. Great suggestions. I am a pen freak, er connoisseur, too – and I like knowing ahead of time what will or won’t bleed through. Thank you for writing this!!!

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