Top Ten Tuesday- Uses for Scrapbook Paper

Top Ten Tues Scrapbook

I’m starting a new series here on the blog… Top Ten Tuesday. I will search the internet for you and bring the results right here to Ninja Mom Designs! Each week will feature something planner/ crafty related.

This week, I went on the search for fun ways to use Scrapbook Paper!

Here’s what I found:

  1. How to Cut 8 Pennants out of 1 Sheet of Paper
  2. Make Your Own Notepads (I thought this one was REALLY great)
  3. Scrap Map (this looks super fun for kids)
  4. Paper Envelopes
  5. Homemade Christmas Gift Tags
  6. Covered Lightswitch Plates and Outlets
  7. Tiny Envelopes (like Paper Pockets… Great for Planners)
  8. Custom Wall Art (I did this one for my husband’s office)
  9. Post It Clipboard
  10. One Sheet Cookie Box

How do YOU like to use Scrapbook Paper???


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