Top Ten Tuesday- Planner Friendly Pinterest Boards

top ten tues pinterest

What did we do before Pinterest? The visual smorgasbord of all things crafty and more. I tell you what… my handmade gifts are definitely cuter since I discovered Pinterest a few years ago and my family sure does eat better now!

Let’s take a look at some fun Planner Boards on Pinterest:

  1. Free Planner Stickers and Organizers 
  2. Plan my Life
  3. Planners and Printables
  4. Planning Freak
  5. Free Planner Printables
  6. Filofax and Planners
  7. Planner Psycho
  8. The Happy Planner (MAMBI)
  9. Planner Organization
  10. #EC life planner Wall of Fame

You can follow Ninja Mom Design’s Planner Boards HERE and HERE.

Do you have Pinterest boards dedicated to planning? Comment below so we can all follow!


One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday- Planner Friendly Pinterest Boards”

  1. Do you know what you just did to me? I may never come away from my pc for the rest of my life! So many stickers, so little time. Thank you so very much. I think…Hugs..Ginger

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