Top Ten Tuesday- Planner Hacks

top ten tues planner hacks

Are you still looking for planner peace? Personalizing your planner for your specific needs? Wanting to have fun tips for cool stuff?

Check out today’s Top Ten List- Planner Hacks!

  1. Print on Sticky Notes
  2. Find Your Pen
  3. Color Code Your Planner and make a Cute Key
  4. Print Directly onto your Happy Planner
  5. Make a rotating goal list insert
  6. Write on Washi Tape
  7. DIY Planner Dividers
  8. DIY Pocket Folders for your Planner
  9. Remove and Insert Pages in a Coiled Planner
  10. DIY Stickers with Avery Design and Print

What are your favorite planner tips and tricks????


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