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As most of you know, my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor in January of this year.

She had been complaining of headaches. I had taken her to the doctor to get her vision checked. They decided it was anxiety and sent us home. She progressively got worse… to the point that she was staying in bed all day… sometimes watching her tablet… sometimes just staring off… not able to keep food or drink down and in obvious pain.

We were finally able to get an MRI scheduled. We sat in a room with the radio oncologist who explained that there was a golf ball sized tumor on the base of our daughter’s brain. That it was blocking the fluid from flowing around the brain and causing pressure to build up. It was critical that she have it removed ASAP. We were then sent to the cancer center nearby where we met a pediatric oncologist who explained the procedure a little more. We then were put into an ambulance for a 2 hour drive to the hospital where the surgery would take place.

A few days after the surgery, we got the pathology report. Her tumor was malignant. She had what is called medulloblastoma and she would have to go through radiation and chemotherapy.

As you can imagine… our world screeched to a halt. Everything stopped around us and the only thing that was moving was this cancer train that we’d landed on against our will.

A friend texted me Exodus 14:14. I looked it up later and it immediately stuck in my heart. I knew it was a verse that I would have to hold to from that point forward.

The whole of God’s word is special and God- breathed… but this has quickly become one of my life verses… one of those verses that echoes in my heart at every turn.

Enjoy this free printable… To save as a JPEG that you can resize to fit your needs, simply right click on the image itself and click “save image as”… for the printable version (PDF), click the link BELOW the image.


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Scripture is from the ESV.

Clip Art was designed by me and can be found HERE and HERE.


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