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Did you have a wonderful Christmas? I hope so. Our’s was nice. We had our family Christmas first on Friday. The kids woke up before the sun. The room was dark and the tree provided the only light. Everything was quiet and still. We sat and just were still for a time. Then we read the last story in our advent book. The air was thick with anticipation. The stillness was so peaceful. I wanted to capture that moment and hold onto it. That peace and calm before the chaos. 

And then… when the gifts were all open. My husband told us to be in the car at 9:30… He proceeded to drive us an hour down the road to meet… wait for it… OUR NEW GOATS!!!! What… this city girl just became a goat girl!!!!

Anyway!!! That has nothing to do with today’s post. I happened to grab an extra mini planner on black Friday and I want to give it to one of you!!!

This is quite mini… AND CUTE!!!! Oh my goodness!!!

This is the very first page where you get to personalize your new mini.

Monthly View

Weekly View

As you can see. It is in horizontal style (not vertical like the classic Happy Planner).

I am in no way associated with MAMBI or Happy Planner. I just wanted to bless one of my readers with a treat.

Follow the instructions on the raffle copter to enter. Give Away Ends January 1st at midnight. I will get the prize in the mail January 3rd.

**Open to US Residents ONLY**

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