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{FREE} Gingerbread Planner Sticker Printable

Christmas is SO CLOSE!!!! Do you love the smells of Christmas? The tree, the gingerbread, the spices??? I have Christmas music playing and am getting ready to run my diffuser with a blend of holiday smelling oils as my kids and I start making holiday treats for friends and family. 
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{FREE} Keep Calm and Be Our Guest Printable


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Do you have guests staying with you this week? Coming over tomorrow? Enjoy today’s free printable and add a little fun decor to your Thanksgiving spread.

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{FREE} Meal Planning Planner Insert Printable


Ah meal planning. Are you a meal planner? Do you stick to your plan? We have such a variety of tastes around here (read that… we have a houseful of picky eaters). Meal planning and I have a love hate relationship… in fact…. my gracious and wonderful husband has taken the task upon himself. He has a system… he grocery shops and cooks… he’s pretty amazing. 
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Ninja Mom Sews- Glove and Hat Storage Tutorial


Every year, the battle of the gloves and hats comes around. It adds a solid 15- 20 minutes to our getting out of the door routine. It is exhausting.

Until now, we had to storage baskets… similar to the ones in the picture holding the shoes. One was supposedly mom and dad’s winter gear. The other was kid gear. You would think that pulling out a hat and a pair of gloves would be an easy task… apparently not. 
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{FREE} Fall Themed Recipe Cards


I don’t know about you, but I have TONS of family favorite recipes that center around fall. Pumpkin Pie, Apple Butter, Pumpkin Bars, Sweet Potato Pone…. so many yummy, delicious things. We call this baking season around here… well… really we call it the eating season!
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September 2016 Clip Art Freebie

september 16 freebie

You guys!!!! Fall is peeking around the corner. Today is is 70 degrees… and FABULOUS!!!!

We got home from our summer at St. Jude. My little warrior princess was hoping to be home for her birthday (it was Monday) and go apple picking (which we did). I made this apple paper set in honor of her!
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A Zentangle Tutorial

zentangle tutorial

Does adult coloring make you happy??? Or does it stress you out?

If it stresses you out… you should probably just move along. This post is for those of us who appreciate the art 🙂

I’ve been doodling A LOT this summer. I’ve had lots and lots of time on my hands as we’ve been spending most of our days at doctor appointments.

Be sure to check out the Printable Coloring Books on Ninja Mom Designs Etsy.

Several friends have commented that they couldn’t do what I do. But I beg to differ… you totally can do it!
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{FREE} Sloth Planner Sticker Printable

Free sloth cover

What is it about sloths???? Aren’t they the funniest things?!?!

I saw something the other day that said “My spirit animal is a sloth”… I mean… I don’t believe in spirit animals… but if I did!
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