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{FREE} Red White and Blue Planner Sticker Printable

Free Red White and Blue Cover

The fourth of July is just around the corner… what? what? Where is summer going????

What is your fourth of July tradition. The last two years we spent at a farm with friends watching fireworks. I don’t know what this year will hold. As with everything this year, I am expecting the unexpected. 
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{FREE} Summer Bucket List Printable

Summer Bucket List Cover

Is it officially summer where you are? Are your kids out of school? Have you been to the pool. I used to despise summer… with all it’s humidity and heat. But gradually, as my kids have gotten older, I’ve learned to enjoy it. I love having our pool bag at the ready, picnic quilt in the back of the van, sprinkler in the backyard, late nights, star watching, lightning bugs… the works.
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{FREE} Sunflower Planner Sticker Printable

free sunflower cover

I absolutely LOVE sunflowers. They are, by far, my favorite flower. We just planted some seeds in our garden and I am anxiously awaiting the day they will tower and turn their faces to the sun, brightening up my yard. 
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A Look Inside my Planner

a look in my planner

A couple of weeks ago, I found it… planner peace. I know… sounds weird… but if you know what I’m talking about… then you KNOW what I’m talking about!

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This decorating a planner business is serious stuff… finding your own style can be a challenge. I’ve had a Happy Planner for almost a year and have tried a few different layout styles… and finally, I found it… MY STYLE!

a look in my planner 2

I want my planner to be functional and personal. I don’t necessarily need it to keep up with my business stuff or homeschool planning. I have separate systems for that. So, here’s what I came up with:

Top Section: Bible. I am doing the daily Scripture writing challenges that you may have seen floating around? Many of them are themed. The one in particular that I am doing this month is all about dealing with fear and anxiety.

Middle Section: Notes. I’ve been using this to jot down items for prayer, reminders from Scripture, etc.

Bottom Section: To Do. Meals, appointments, special days, etc. go in this sections.

On the side, I made a pretty sticker to take notes and keep up with exercise… I just check off or write a little note on the days I walk/ exercise.

I recently discovered stamps at Michael’s that are similar to THESE and THESE. They are small and wooden and perfect for my planner. Super cute things like a fork and knife, birthday box, music note, coffee, star, heart, arrow, etc.

I also picked up so Memento Ink which does not bleed through my planner pages.

Can you feel the planner peace????

I had a lot of compliments on the side stickers. If you’d like a copy of them, click below to download:

Bible Notes ToDo Printable

Sidebar with Sneakers

RECENTLY ADDED TO ETSY… Themed Bible Journaling Paper Sticker Kits… Check them out along with other paper stickers from Ninja Mom Designs Etsy. 


{FREE} Sock Monkey Planner Printable

free sock monkey cover

There’s just something about sock monkeys. I love them. I’m drawn to them. I have no idea why… I’ve never had a sock monkey or made a sock monkey… there’s no nostalgia happening here. I just really like sock monkeys!
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{FREE} Cinco De Mayo Planner Printable

Free Cinco De Mayo Cover

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated on the 5th of May in Mexico to celebrate Mexico’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Mexico’s Independence Day is actually celebrated in September.

You’re welcome for the history lesson. Enjoy the FREEBIE!!!
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