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GIVE AWAY- Mini Happy Planner

Did you have a wonderful Christmas? I hope so. Our’s was nice. We had our family Christmas first on Friday. The kids woke up before the sun. The room was dark and the tree provided the only light. Everything was quiet and still. We sat and just were still for a time. Then we read the last story in our advent book. The air was thick with anticipation. The stillness was so peaceful. I wanted to capture that moment and hold onto it. That peace and calm before the chaos. 
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{GIVEAWAY} Large Zipper Pouch from Thirty One

thirty one giveaway

It’s GIVEAWAY TIME again!!! WHY??? Because Give Aways are fun and you guys are great! You’ve been so wonderful to visit the blog, encourage me on facebook and tag me on Instagram. It’s been such a great kick off to the addition to the Ninja Mom Designs Business!
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