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Holiday Gift Guide 2016 for Planners


Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet??? Have you started? I’m having the hardest time getting into the holiday season. Normally, I am a gifts person and have everything planned and bought by now so I can enjoy the month without worry. But not so much right now. Our whole year has been off… so I guess this is par for the course. 
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Top Ten Tuesday- Planner Supplies

Top ten Tues planner supplies

I often see the question, “What do I need to get started in my planner?” come up in Planner Groups on Facebook.

Well… the planner world can be quite intimidating. You get on Instagram and see all these fun layouts that looks like a scrapbook factory vomited all over someone’s planner. You think … yes! I want Scrapbook Vomit! My life will not be complete until I have it!!!

And then you get your new planner… and it’s empty… a vast blankness stares back at you and you get scared… and close it… and wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into. 
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A Few of My Favorite Pens

favorite pens

I have a serious addiction to office supplies… more specifically to pens. My husband knows that while I would appreciate flowers, pens are the way to my heart.

Not all pens are the same! If you know this, then you know what I am talking about! I wanted to share with you my favorite pens.
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