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{FREE} Christmas Gift Tags Printable

I don’t know about you, but I am always running short on gift tags when the time comes to use them. In fact, over the weekend, my daughter went to a birthday party and I totally didn’t put a tag on the gift… just hoped that I would remember to shout out… “that’s from us” when the present frenzie began. 
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{FREE} Doughnut Themed Planner Sticker Printable


Doughnuts are apparently a BIG DEAL. Where we were living this summer, there was a doughnut shop on every corner. One day, someone said “Did you hear they are building a new doughnut shop down the road?!?” I was like… um… ok.

Ok… I’ll admit it… I’m a little bitter. I am gluten free and most of those places don’t have gluten free doughnuts… so I just couldn’t get on board with the excitement. 
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Daily Scripture Writing with My Happy Planner

daily scripture

I joined the planner world last year. I mean… I’ve had planners before…. but nothing like the Happy Planner. I didn’t realize what a BIG DEAL planners could be. I’ve been blown away with how people use and decorate their planners.

I realized, however, that even though I had this great planner with all kinds of inspiration from planner groups, I just wasn’t using it. I was going to my wall calendar for all my planning needs. I have it on the wall where everyone can see it and know what’s happening in the family’s week.
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{FREE} Sloth Planner Sticker Printable

Free sloth cover

What is it about sloths???? Aren’t they the funniest things?!?!

I saw something the other day that said “My spirit animal is a sloth”… I mean… I don’t believe in spirit animals… but if I did!
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Top Ten Tuesday- Planner Supplies

Top ten Tues planner supplies

I often see the question, “What do I need to get started in my planner?” come up in Planner Groups on Facebook.

Well… the planner world can be quite intimidating. You get on Instagram and see all these fun layouts that looks like a scrapbook factory vomited all over someone’s planner. You think … yes! I want Scrapbook Vomit! My life will not be complete until I have it!!!

And then you get your new planner… and it’s empty… a vast blankness stares back at you and you get scared… and close it… and wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into. 
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{FREE} Sunflower Planner Sticker Printable

free sunflower cover

I absolutely LOVE sunflowers. They are, by far, my favorite flower. We just planted some seeds in our garden and I am anxiously awaiting the day they will tower and turn their faces to the sun, brightening up my yard. 
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{FREE} Sock Monkey Planner Printable

free sock monkey cover

There’s just something about sock monkeys. I love them. I’m drawn to them. I have no idea why… I’ve never had a sock monkey or made a sock monkey… there’s no nostalgia happening here. I just really like sock monkeys!
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{FREE} Black and Gold Planner Sticker Printable

Free black and gold cover

Feeling sparkly today? You’ve come to the right place! I’m loving this gold foil look and have had fun playing around with different designs. Today you get to reap the benefit of my current obsession with this FREE PRINTABLE!
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