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Latest from Ninja Mom Designs- Jesse Tree Coloring


Christmas is JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!!! I am so excited. I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!!! This has been the most topsy turvy year of my life… and that’s saying a lot. I have had a very topsy turvy adult life. All four of my babies were born in different states…. that’s right. That’s my story. 
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A Zentangle Tutorial

zentangle tutorial

Does adult coloring make you happy??? Or does it stress you out?

If it stresses you out… you should probably just move along. This post is for those of us who appreciate the art 🙂

I’ve been doodling A LOT this summer. I’ve had lots and lots of time on my hands as we’ve been spending most of our days at doctor appointments.

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Several friends have commented that they couldn’t do what I do. But I beg to differ… you totally can do it!
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